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Triple Y Hotel - Leveraging technology to build a more loyal client base

Bangkok, Thailand - Triple Y Hotel (part of the Golden Land Property Development PLC) has entered into a partnership with Portier Technologies to create the next generation of luxury, five star guest experiences.

Ms. Pinthida Bhatayanond, Vice President-Strategic Hotel Management, Commercial Development at Golden Land Property Development PLC is truly excited about how the strategic partnership between Portier and Triple Y Hotel can help to both create better guest experiences and streamline operations.

“Unfortunately technology in the hospitality industry can often make operations more rather than less complicated to create better guest experiences. What excites me about our partnership with Portier is the ease which the Portier devices seamlessly integrate into the guest experience and also our operational processes and workflows.”

Portier Technologies’ white labelled mobile phones give Triple Y’s guests instant access to hotel amenities, information and concierge services, while the Portier guest engagement platform allows The Triple Y staff to better understand and predict how to deliver the best guest experience.

Ms. Somjai Suriyopas, Hotel Manager, Triple Y Hotel can immediately see how better communication and engagement will guests will make a better guest experience and lead to better guest loyalty.

“By bringing Portier into our property, we can start to bring more of the guest communication and engagement into one convenient channel. This will allow our staff to be more responsive and attentive to our guests’ needs, which will ultimately help us to build better relationships and more loyalty with our guests.”

Kristy Bayley, Portier Technologies’ Sales Director for Thailand echoes Ms. Suriyopas’ thoughts around building guest loyalty.

“Personal relationships are so critical to building happy loyal guests that keep coming back to your property. Triple Y is very committed to using technology to create a more personalized and loyal client base, and I look forward to working with them to explore how to build a more personalized guest experience that drives guest loyalty”.


About Portier Technologies

Founded in 2016, Portier Technologies is a travel platform that helps hotels better communicate with their customers via an intelligent, IoT-enabled smartphone solution that gives guests free access to calls, connectivity and content. Hotels remain connected to their guests beyond the limitations of the property and generate additional income via data-powered promotions, while also making back office operations significantly more efficient.

For today's travelers, Portier Technologies' travel platform covers all travel needs from

in-destination activities to hotel-related bookings and promotions, all powered by valuable data insights.

For more information about Portier Technologies, please contact the company's management team at or explore


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