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Exciting Partnership with Future Hotels

We are thrilled to announce that Portier Technologies will be working with Future Hotels, a newly formed hotel soft brand for independent luxury hotels. As part of this collaboration, our suite of solutions including the Portier Portal and Portier Phones will form part of Future Hotels’ technology portfolio, and our platform will be made available to members with exclusive commercial structures.

We will work hand-in-hand with staff at Future Hotels to ensure that those hotel partners which identify RevPAR increases and a more comprehensive guest experience as priorities benefit from the industry’s most efficacious guest-facing technology platform. Portier Technologies currently delivers to its portfolio of partners average RevPAR increases of over 25% and works with hotel properties ranging from branded to independent, with a particular focus on the Asian and European markets.

“We are extremely excited to collaborate with Future Hotels, and are optimistic that both parties can contribute to a faster recovery of the industry and can lend a helping hand to independent hoteliers who continue to seek excellence during these uncertain times,” said Deniz Tekerek, our CEO.

In its mission, and beyond our involvement, Future Hotels provides a robust platform to edify its members with top benefits - made possible by forming a strong community of technologists, researchers and travel agents.

Sotiris Kopatsaris, Founder & CEO of Future Hotels remarked: “Independent hotels are critical to the global hospitality ecosystem, and with Future Hotels, we aim to help them in areas where they can’t gain access to the same scale as large chains. Technology solutions play a major part in that undertaking, and we are excited to have won over Portier Technologies, a company that fits our profile of game-changers.”

Independent properties that join the Future Hotels network will be able to take advantage of the benefits on offer with immediate effect. The whole team at Portier Technologies looks forward to a brighter future for the hotel industry and to a partnership that will help lift independent hoteliers.

About Future Hotels

Future Hotels pledges to revolutionize the hotel industry landscape by working with only the top independent luxury hotels while assimilating technology, research and exclusive partnerships into its world-class ecosystem.

With aims to create a level playing field to leverage its members in the competitive hospitality landscape, Future Hotels approach this with several key strategies. By accessing the economies of scale and utilising cutting-edge technologies, its hoteliers are able to reduce operational and sales costs while boosting hotel revenue by increasing direct bookings and maximising auxiliary revenue. Future Hotels empowers hoteliers to achieve all these while meeting guests’ expectations and giving guests what they want.


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