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The Portier Story


At Portier Technologies, we believe in creating the perfect harmony between hotel staff and guests by making technology an emotional connector between the two parties.

This mantra was incorporated into our company's value proposition when we first launched our platform in Thailand in 2017. Not knowing what to expect from hotel staff and management, we deployed our teams to spend time with all staff members on-site. Imagine backend developers talking to F&B staff about how to best present dining options to guests.


To our pleasant surprise, from housekeepers to marketing staff, every team member had a meaningful contribution to make, and ultimately helped us shape our technology and establish a harmonious relationship between technology and humans. We have to thank our partners for that!

Where Are We Now?

Since our early days, we have become a household name across the hospitality sector, and thanks to our strong relationship with our hotel partners, we've continued to innovate and harmonize, leading to the industry's leading numbers in engagement and impact. In fact, our solution is now said to be 80 times more impactful than the nearest competing solutions out there.

In many ways, we continue to take the unparalleled service excellence of the "Land of Smiles" into the rest of the world, and we are now helping hotels navigate uncertain times, create an even stronger bond with their guests and rediscover the romance of travel in times when mass-products might cloud the travel experience.

What Can You Expect From Us?

When you begin working with us, you can expect an emphasis on a genuine two-way relationship that ultimately boosts your ability to truly wow your guests. The Portier Platform is designed to fit in into your existing environment without any disruption to your day-to-day, and in that sense, we simply strive for custom experiences that require minimal input.

Working with us will help you drive personalization at scale, and the emphasis will continue to be your brand, your procedures, your standards. This, in turn, will empower you to differentiate and extend your positive influence on your guests to beyond the limitations of your physical property. You will be "emotionally close, physically distant" to your guests and take your place among travelers' lifelong travel memories

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