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Thoughts from SEA Revenue Summit Jakarta

On Wednesday August 14 in Jakarta, our Co-Founder Mark Pope was fortunate to share the stage with Brett Henry, Dan Lynn and Sam Neo to discuss how the luxury hospitality space can leverage startups knowledge and expertise to drive revenue at their properties. These were his quick thoughts and comments about how hotels can integrate technology to maximize revenue.

Begin with the customer journey

There’s no shortage of mobile tech offerings -- from native apps, to in-room tables to smartphone-based solutions like Portier. Consider how “frictionless” the adoption of your platform will be to every day guests, and not just your most loyal customers. Upselling to 80% of your guests VS 10% begins with asking how likely most guests are to discover and use your service.

Focus on value creation

Drive guest engagement by offering a service that helps to solve common pain points for travelers. Consider adding perks only available to mobile users. Go beyond tech -- for instance, having instant access to your concierge's top recommendations... maintaining a useful guide of services for business travelers are simple offerings to create, and will always be a common thread.

Transform guest engagement to revenue

Invest in platforms that are best equipped to convert engagement to sales. While doing so, it's easy to get bogged down in evaluating providers that tout A.I. or machine learning, which of course should be vital to the success of any mobile offering. Cut through the hype by directly engaging vendor references and your peers.


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