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4 Ways Smart Hospitality Can Improve Hotel Management Productivity

Productivity shouldn’t just be the idea of saving costs and time, but instead, it should open up new revenue opportunities. In many ways, today’s changes represent an opportunity for hoteliers to instigate a pre-emptive strike by rising above the worries of cost and staff management. With that, the utilisation of smart hospitality will not only reduce costs but also improve overall hotel productivity performance.

1. Allow Staff To Wear Multiple Hats

Technology allows staff to wear multiple hats - post-pandemic, the hospitality industry has seen a severe labour shortage. To mitigate this, hotel management requires its employees to play many different roles in upkeeping the hotel day-to-day operations.

With hotel technology equipped, staff can rely on technology to carry out some of the mundane tasks thus freeing up time for them to focus on other duties. A good example of this would be a recent trend in the industry - on-demand turndown services. Guests can request forturndown services instead of providing housekeeping on a daily basis. This can free up staff time - which are already limited,to begin with.

2. Helps Staff To Focus On What’s Important - Guest Service

When staff time is freed up and when they are not caught up in the mundane and tedious tasks, they can focus on what’s important - your guests. With the gradual return of leisure travel, the hotel sector will definitely recover proportionately as well.

As travellers return to revenge travelling, it will not be a surprise should they increase their expectations for guest service. After all, from the perspective of a traveller, it will be their first travel experience in almost 2 years. Of course, they would want it to be as perfect as it can be.

Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash

3. Revenue Generation

Building on the previous point, when hotel management can focus their attention on servicing the guests, it drives hotel revenue as well. How you may ask? When guests feel satisfied and they connect meaningful experiences in a property, the hotel brand builds guest loyalty within their guests. And why is that important?

In this Forbes report, it was proven that loyal guests spend more. To be exact, they spend 31% more! If you are not convinced, according to Bain & Company, retaining an additional 5% of your guests would increase profits from 25% to 95%.

4. Optimise Workflow and Enhance Communication

Technology helps to facilitate better communication between teams and departments. Using Portier as an example, the Portier Chat incorporated in the Portier Platform works the same for staff as compared to Portier Phones found in the guests’ rooms.

This internal messaging system calls for accountability within departments too. Using a centralised system to communicate, messages can be stored and employees will have access to them. These interactions can serve as benchmarks to streamline and review processes, ultimately empowering hotel management productivity.

Is your hotel equipped with the right technology to improve productivity? Speak with us ( today to find out how we can help.

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