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The Pavilions Phuket to Deliver Guest Engagement Safely Through Technology

The Pavilions Phuket, a luxury resort based in Thailand's southern island of Phuket, is getting ready to welcome back guests with confidence, following Thailand's easing of travel restrictions. Having introduced Portier Technologies' guest engagement platform back in 2019, the property has always been regarded as an early adopter of digital technologies, a move the hotel is now benefitting from.

When the resort re-opens, guests will be able to return to a strong emotional connection with staff members, despite recently implemented social distancing measures. The Portier Platform facilitates the notion of "physically distant, emotionally close" by helping hotel staff members channel their local knowledge and their ability to uniquely serve guests on and off-property by leveraging Portier Technologies' guest engagement features. These include an in-built chat that empowers staff to continuously communicate with guests who carry Portier Phones all around the resort and when exploring the island.

"In the 'New World', guests will undoubtedly be more worried about picking places to eat and about pursuing local experiences. By utilising the Portier Platform as a single point of interaction, guests carry this information with them and can share their location via live chat to receive safe recommendations from the hotels' staff who possess all the local knowledge," said Tim Sargeant, Group Marketing Director at The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, highlighting the hotels' ability to guide travellers through uncertain times.

In addition to this, the resort is set to educate guests about new increased sanitisation practices by promoting content on guests' Portier Phones, ensuring prompt delivery of content around do’s and don’ts at the resort. "We're not only reducing the guests' touchpoints and surfaces to just Portier Phones, but we are also benefitting from a fully controlled content platform that allows us to educate our guests when things change, or the Thai government communicates changes," concluded Sargeant.

Mike Pope, Chief Revenue Officer at Portier Technologies, said: "We built Portier Technologies on the belief that guest engagement is the most critical aspect of a hotel experience, and despite our continuous focus on promoting engagement at a distance, we could not have imagined a time when our platform would become such a must-have. While the circumstances are unfortunate, we are here to help our current and future partners through these uncertain times and accelerate their digitalisation to ensure future readiness."

While many hotels begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Portier Technologies' partners including The Pavilions Phuket have been busy preparing for this 'New World' of travel and feel confident about delivering excellence, despite the changing nature of guest needs.


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