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The Pavilions Phuket and Portier partner to create a better guest experience

On June 5, 2019, we were extremely proud to launch Portier with The Pavilions Phuket.

The Pavilions properties are located in some of the most desirable spots in the world.

Each Pavilions Hotel is a sophisticated, private haven that highlight arts, culture, romance or adventure.

The Pavilions Phuket is a resort style property featuring stunning views of the Phuket beach along with award winning restaurants and bars.

Goal of the partnership

Portier Technologies is working with The Pavilions to create a superior guest experience for luxury travelers visiting Phuket. We share the belief that better guest engagement via a fast convenient internet connection will enhance the overall guest experience.

The Pavilions Phuket continually looks for ways to enhance our guests' experience. We believe Portier to be right for our guests so that they're connected while on holiday, and so we create an experience beyond expectations.

~ Conor O'Leary, General Manager at The Pavilions Phuket.

As a result of this partnership hotel guests will be able to take The Portier Phone with them anywhere on the island during their holiday. Guests can use The Portier Phone to make unlimited international calls back home, connect their own device via a hot spot to share pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and use the phone's Quick Dial feature to quickly talk to The Pavilions award winning guest experience team.

Empowering a world-class staff

The Pavilions' sterling reputation was built upon a a world-class guest experiences team. Portier Phones Concierge Connect, Quick Dials features allow guests to access this world-class team at any point during their holiday. The Portier Platform empowers hotel staff to make to create an unforgettable, five star guest experience.

At Portier Technologies, our job is to enhance the already excellent abilities of hotel staff members. We believe that working with The Pavilions Phuket will give us an opportunity to deliver a world-class guest experience via the resort's world-class guest experiences team!

~ Mike Pope, Chief Revenue Officer, Portier Technologies

The partnership going forward

We are thrilled be working with The Pavilions Phuket, and we will continue to support their world-class team to create an even more memorable experience for the lucky guests who choose to stay at truly unique resort.

Having always believed in the romance of a unique hotel experience, it's great to see yet another distinctive resort property adopt our platform.

~ Mike Pope, Chief Revenue Officer, Portier Technologies


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