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Replace Your Hotel Telephones

Investing in a hotel guest engagement solution such as our Portier Phones is not simply a question of providing something that's nice to have - it's about entering and dominating in the digital age. One starting point to decide if you want to deploy Portier Phones is the status of your hotel telephones. Hotel telephones are, let's be candid, outdated, clunky and a legacy of the past. If you think hotel telephones are still a necessity, you should let the changes in usage data inform your opinion with more accuracy.

As per this stuff article, Wyndham Grand's senior VP of Operations says that the most commonly asked question via hotel telephones are: "What's the Wi-Fi password?" and "When is checkout time?" - that certainly doesn't justify this considerably large investment. Kevin Carl, executive vice president and chief information officer of Radisson Hotel Group, makes an even simpler statement about hotel telephones: "We have noticed a significant decline in guest room phone usage."

It's obvious that hotel telephones have no future, so it might be worth talking to us about making Portier Phones the single technology standard across your whole digital guest experience spectrum.


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