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Portier Explorer: Local food!

Welcome to the Portier Explorer, our new weekly city guide. Our team will be sharing our first-hand experiences with you, and recommending iconic restaurants, exhibitions, and must-visit spots around the world. We begin this week with two local foods from Hong Kong and Singapore, respectively:

Hong Kong: Australia Dairy Company

Recommended by Karen Ng, our Editorial Intern.

Australia Dairy Company’s macaroni and bread set is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic meals. This is one of the city's most famous cha chaan tengs, and it's one that makes consistent appearances on travel guides. Portier recommends the macaroni and ham set, with toast and scrambled eggs — they’re so velvety, they’ll melt on your tongue. Order a hot Ovaltine to round out your experience and you’ll experience Australia Dairy Company as a local!

The cha chaan teng is an easy walk, a few streets away from the Jordan or Austin MTR stations. It’s next to a little outdoor market area. Just look for its iconic sign and the long queue!

Singapore: 328 Katong Laksa

Recommended by Wan Qing Chin, our Marketing and Business Associate.

Laksa is my favourite dish in Singaporean cuisine! It is a creamy spicy broth-based noodle dish. I personally like it when it is more “lemak” ("fat" in Bahasa Melayu, but it means it has more coconut milk). My to-go laksa place would be 328 Katong Laksa! It is located right along the streets of East Coast Road, you won’t miss it with its bright red neon signs.

The usual ingredients are beancurd puffs, fish cakes, thick bee-hoon, beansprouts for extra crunchiness, cockles and prawns. The seafood gives it a rich and full taste. Personally, I am not a fan of cockles but I cannot disagree that the taste is better when there are cockles added to the bowl of wonders. The level of spiciness can be tailored according to preference. As they provide the sambal chilli paste in a packet, you get to choose how much you'd like to have.

The nearest MRT station will be Dakota MRT. Take bus service 10 or 32 from the bus stop near Exit A and alight after 6 stops. 328 Katong Laksa will be straight ahead!

Next week, we’ll be recommending breakfasts from two different cities. Follow us on Instagram to to be the first to find what they are!


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