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17 New Statistics From Phuket Sandbox

The Phuket Sandbox initiative began on the 1st of July and marked the beginning of many island reopenings in Thailand. A month into the Phuket Sandbox, Portier brings you 17 updates, some of which are taking place from today onwards. Read on to find out more!

0.2% infection rate for international travellers

2 weeks of observation (3 August to 16 August), following a surge in cases

3 August to 16 August, ports of entry by land, air or water are denied to domestic travellers

9 pm - curfew for indoor and outdoor sports arenas in Phuket

10.12% average occupancy rate in Phuket

30 tourists tested positive for COVID-19 (as of 30th July)

36% of Phuket’s healthcare facilities in use right now

69% of Phuket residents have received two doses of vaccines (as of 31st July)

80% of hospital capacity may trigger revisions and cancellation of Sandbox

90 infections per week could be the threshold to trigger revisions and cancellation of Sandbox

148 COVID-19 cases (rolling 7-day infection total as of 30th July)

450 rooms ready for quarantine and isolation right now

500 million baht expected to be generated in the next few months

1,500 more quarantine rooms to be prepared over the next two weeks

12,395 total arrivals in Phuket since start of Sandbox (as of 30th July)

244,703 room nights achieved by advance hotel bookings from July to September

100,000 visitors expected to visit Phuket by end of the year

Interesting Nugget: Thailand’s first Tokyo Olympic 2020 gold medallist, Panipak Wongpattanakit, returned to Thailand under the Phuket Sandbox Scheme.

While the initiative has been relatively successful thus far, the next 2 weeks (August 2nd to August 16th) will be crucial to determine the fate of the Phuket Sandbox.


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