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Maggie Choo's - Visit Ashley Sutton’s Best Bar

The Midas touch

It's criminal to leave Bangkok without experiencing one of designer-extraordinaire Ashley Sutton's bars. Sutton's Midas touch is on a city-wide roster of venues like Iron Fairies and Sing Sing Theater, and he recently launched a small-batch gin called Iron Balls. But his greatest creation is Maggie Choo's, which has achieved legendary status in town.

Dress Code

To enter, pass the dress code inspection (no shorts, flip-flops or tank tops) then descend the steep stairs and The walk past the bird cages to find a bar designed to look like an old-school casino counter, rich leather sofas and models on swings. Brick vaults with steel doors line the walls and serve as private rooms, and secret passageways and two-way mirrors take the adventurous patrons further down the rabbit hole. Oh, the cocktails are strong, and the staff is gorgeous.

Address: 320 Silom Road

Phone number: 091-772-2144

Hours: 7:30pm-2am (Sunday-Thursday); 7:30pm-3am (Friday-Saturday)

Travel Tip: Take the BTS to Surasak and the bar is a 10-minute walk from there.


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