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Driving Revenue Through Better Guest Engagement

A notable Gallup study of hotel patrons found that guests who felt that their hotel actively engaged them during their stay, spent 45% more on hotel services than guests who felt that the hotel did not engage with them during their stay.

With financial pressure on hotels on a constant upward trajectory, hoteliers must focus on increasing on-property revenue by getting a larger share of the daily spend of their guests.

Given the above research, the key factor in achieving success in this field is an increased focus on genuine guest engagement on and off the property.

Guest engagement ON property

Your hotel is a traveler’s entry point to a destination. The hotel is your guests’ home during their stay. Guests trust your brand, your staff and your reputation.

And while some guests might appreciate “being left alone” at times, many others will expect concise, relevant engagement at a time and place that they desire. This opportunity allows hoteliers to create property-specific marketing campaigns that capture the guests’ attention, imagination and intention.

Engaging guests can be as simple as creating an itinerary on a rainy day, inviting them to join you for sunset yoga, or providing them with the likes of fast and efficient turndown service.

In other words, if you can provide timely and appropriate promotions and catch your guests on-the-go, you have a great chance of increasing your revenue targets.

Guest engagement OFF property

Many hoteliers, especially those at urban hotels, underestimate the incredible value of better guest engagement. In Paris, for example, the average traveler spends just over $300 a day. You might think: “They’re never going to spend that at my hotel,” or you can simply look for ways to keep your guests engaged when they are exploring the city.

A simple goal of focusing on a fraction of that spending is clearly achievable, so perhaps, aim for 10% of a guest’s daily spending, and you might just get your guests to buy a couple of glasses of wine or book that massage treatment at your hotel, rather than elsewhere in the city.

Aside from the specific example of Paris, a study by Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index found that in the world’s 10 most visited cities, the average guest spends $215 per day on services other than flights and accommodation. Now, that’s a genuine opportunity for any hotelier!

Portier phones drive engagement

The Portier Phone is designed to engage hotel guests both on and off property. Portier phones have helped our hotel partners to drive engagement via:

80% Usage Rate Percentage of guests who use their Portier Device

50 Minutes per Day The average time a guest spends using their Portier Device

85% Read Rate

Percentage of promotional messages that are open and viewed by users

At Portier Technologies, we use data and guest engagement to understand not only the overall hotel market but also specific properties and guests. This allows us to work with hotel partners to reclaim a larger share of the traveler wallet by:

  • Directly aligning guest engagement with a variety of tactics to achieve higher sales conversion. Here’s a great case in point.

  • Creating a platform that’s so customizable, it retains the “special sauce” of each hotel and its brand beyond the limitations of the property.

  • Focusing on incentives that would bridge engagement for when guests are outside of their room.

Digital engagement quickly adds revenue

Contact our sales team at, to learn more about how Portier can help you to create a better experience that will drive incremental revenues.

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Apr 26, 2022

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