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Data insights from Portier Devices in Thailand

I’ve been on the Portier journey for over 3 years now, and it’s always been one of the most intriguing things to talk about our service in its most obvious form, a smartphone placed in hotel rooms. The issue here is that many listeners feel as though that’s what Portier is, a “nice-to-have” for hotel guests, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Portier is much more that just a phone

To us and to our users, Portier is a remote control to your travel experience, and that statement is clearly more than just semantics. Our platform is designed to have an impact on every element of a traveler’s journey across a destination. The key to having an impact on a journey is data. In that sense, we have been collecting and utilizing some very specific data, hotels and other travel platforms never had access to.

Data insights from Thailand

  1. On the islands of Phuket and Samui, guests spend an average of 60-70 minutes exploring our platform every day.

  2. Chinese travelers are most receptive to promotions at 2pm and 7pm every day.

  3. Generally, promotions are most successful on Fridays, with 36% of offers being engaged with on that day.

In essence, the above data is only a snippet of what we deliver to hotels in terms real-time usage. This empowers hotels to make more intelligent decisions than they’ve ever been able to make before.

Understanding guest behavior

Think about the value of such data when it comes to genuinely understanding the behavior of travelers from all corners of the world - that’s where Portier makes a difference and is the ultimate solution to better evaluate travelers’ potential for monetization.


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