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21 Facts & Numbers to Cap off 2021

2021 has been a tumultuous and emotional roller coaster ride for the travel and hospitality industry. With the recovery of summer travels aided by vaccines and vaccination passports, to the emergence of new COVID-19 variants (Delta and Omicron), it seems like the travel industry can’t catch a break. Nevertheless, we have made it thus far and despite the bad, there were several positive takeaways from 2021 too! Here, Portier brings you 21 facts and numbers -

1. 58.1% of the world’s population has received at least one dose of vaccination

2. Leisure travel to USA leads outbound travel in 2021

3. Global international travel precentage stands at 36% when compared to 2019

4. Best-performing state in the US for travel: Florida

5. Best-performing state in Europe: Turkey

6. House-swapping - an up and coming trend for short-term accommodation

7. Trip-stacking - a trend where Gen Z and millennials stack their trips back to back (because who knows when is the next lockdown?)

8. Unequal recovery seen in the world - North and Latin America close to full recovery while Asia Pacific closes out at below 50% when compared to pre-pandemic data

9. Short-term vacation rentals leads the accommodation industry in 2021

10. Travel Satisfaction remains relatively neutral, if not, better when compared to pre-pandemic

11. - $72 million - total loss the global aviation industry suffered in 2021

12. Domestic tourism is the main driving force of tourism in 2021

13. Introduction of air/travel bubbles - an agreement between 2 countries to promote safe travel between the 2 nations

14. Introduction of vaccine passports - a means of proving that a traveller have been fully vaccinated and is allowed to travel

15. $3,746: average annual travel budget by Americans in 2021

16. 53.1% of Europeans intend to travel to a different European country in the next 6 months

17. $15.9 million - average IT budget for hotels in 2021

18. Optional turndown services introduced at prominent hotel brands

19. Travellers are embracing disruption - trends that emanate from this are shorter booking windows and spontaneity in travelling

20. Business travel can’t keep pace with leisure travel - and business travellers prefer to keep it that way

21. Pandemic to Endemic: A global shift in perspective of learning to live with the pandemic

With these 21 numbers and facts, we hope to send our readers off to a better 2022! Portier wishes everyone a happy new year!

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