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El Velodromó - Classic Spanish Tapas Bar in Barcelona

El Velodromó is an impressive retake on a classic Barcelona tapas bar. A popular meeting spot for politicians and artists during the mid-1900s, this legendary institution now serves up some of the city's finest tapas.

Run by Jordi Vilà, owner of Michelin-starred Alkimia, El Velodromó is a café, breakfast and bar all in one. The menu is extensive with something for everyone but our favorites are the traditional tapas plates - huevos estrellados (literally broken eggs) and the crowd favorite patatas bravas (spicy fried potatoes). Wash down your meal with a Moritz beer for a truly local taste of Barcelona.

Tapas with Style

In addition to the food, the building itself is worth admiring. El Velodromó is housed in a historic art deco building that is full of splendor and charm. The original staircase leads to the mezzanine floor, from where you can simply watch life unfold downstairs.

Tapas Memories

Add a visit to El Velodromó to your to-do list in Barcelona. It's a memorable and authentic Spanish tapas experience you do not want to miss. And if you can't get enough of Spain and all its wonders, be sure to check out our guide to La Latina, Madrid's well-loved neighborhood.

El Velodromó - Barcelona, Spain

Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 213, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-2am; Saturday-Sunday, 6am-3am


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