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Top 5 Wellness Destinations (to Revitalise, Rejuvenate and Recover)

With vaccination rollouts on the rise, the days of exploration and new adventures seem closer and closer. Cognizant of the pandemic fatigue experienced worldwide, Global Wellness Institute expects that wellness travel - that is travel focused on holistic health recovery - will take centre stage in 2021. Here at Portier, we have rounded up a list of five amazing countries that you should consider if you’re looking to bounce back from the pandemic and treat yourself to a well-deserving break.

1. Thailand

Photo by id23 on Unsplash

This gorgeous Southeast Asian country cannot be missed in the conversations about wellness retreats. Boasting many wellness-oriented resorts and picturesque scenery, Thailand is excellent for those who want to boost their mental and emotional health through physical rejuvenation. From the yoga-focused Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui to the therapeutic spa retreat offered by Portier partner Banyan Tree in Phuket. Embark on your wellness journey and indulge yourself in stress-relieving massages and beauty treatments. You’ll find yourself sun-kissed and de-stressed in this beautiful country.

2. France

What makes France such a wonderful option is its range: be it the 18th-century castle Les Sources de Cheverny in the Loire Valley or the country house Little French Retreat in Gascony, you’re guaranteed a blend of nature exploration and social activities. The retreats are located in the proximity of beautiful forests, where you can spend your time connecting with nature. These retreats are committed to enlightening one on daily wellbeing practices so they can seek rejuvenation even at home.

3. Spain

Another classic tourist destination on the list, Spain’s your choice for fitness and health retreats! You’re sure to be enraptured by the Mediterranean at SHA Wellness Clinic, where your wellness programme will be tailored to your needs. The famous health retreat encompasses many programmes including detoxing, healthy diets, and anti-ageing. Away in the awe-inspiring Andalusias, you’ll find Shanti-Som, which focuses on fitness and weight-loss programmes. This little wellness resort tucked away in the hills is guaranteed to help you find your inner peace and introduce sustainable wellbeing practices.

4. Sri Lanka

The beautiful South Asian country off the Indian Ocean is perfect for tourists looking to heal mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Sri Lanka is home to many wellness retreats that focus on Ayurvedic rituals and healing yoga. Santani Wellness Resort in Kandy proves to be a terrific example, with healing programmes targeting addiction, stress, and trauma. Talalla Retreat, located on the beach of South Sri Lanka, offers an exciting surfing experience and calm meditation sessions!

5. Japan

Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash

Japan boasts a stellar reputation for being a wellness destination. Japanese culture is known for its culture of mindfulness, and the variety of attractions across the country demonstrate as much. The city of Beppu houses the most onsens in the world! If you're looking for a deeply satisfying way to improve your mental and physical condition, then Japan is your destination. Onsen baths have many benefits, including improvement of blood circulation and better sleep.

The choice is yours!

Given these have been the most stressful two years of the 21st century compounded with the deprivation of the most effective way of stress relief - travel, it is with no doubt that we will see a boom in the wellness travel niche. Each wellness destination strives to provide the most rejuvenating experience. It's up to you what your road to recovery looks like, but we guarantee you'll feel a tad more energised afterwards!

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