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The Case for Personalising Experiences

We have previously discussed here how Portier revolutionises the hotel technology field on personalising experiences. We do not just provide our hotel partners the ability to offer personalised experiences to their guests, we empower them to hyper-personalize their guest experiences. The ability to tailor and suit different guests in completely different settings - city hotel or resort using intricate data extracted by technology.

The Modern Traveller's Expectations

But before we continue to make a case for Personalisation, let’s discuss the expectations of a modern traveller. It is clear that the modern traveller would want technology during their journey but exactly how much technology and what kind? How much technology until they decide that it has become too disruptive and invasive? Will these technologies still be relevant in the post-pandemic era of travel?

A 2020 Lodging Technology Study showed that 72% of guests are more likely to return to a property when the technology they want is available. In the current situation where the world is recovering from a pandemic, contactless technology which prioritises guest safety is a given. The technology we are talking about here are not just “nice-to-have” anymore. Thereby, raising the bar for a different kind of guest service post-pandemic. After all, we are talking about two years of pent up demand for travelling. Guests would definitely want “more”.

Definition of “More”

“More” in the hospitality industry simply means going the extra mile. In a Deloitte study, it is reported that “Guests want to be “surprised and delighted” by moments that exceed expectations, with Millennials wanting this 71% more than other generations.” Personally, I cannot think of a better way to impress guests with the concept of personalisation. This makes the entire process much easier if hotels know what their guests want and going the extra mile to achieve guest satisfaction.

Data Sensitivity

One argument often made against hyper-personalisation is the fact that travellers may not want their personal data to be collected and used on them. Data can be sensitive and there is a good chance that it could be misused but a particular Skift survey showed that 58% of travellers aged 55 and older don’t mind when hotels use their personal information to offer them relevant deals, discounts, and loyalty points. It can be deduced from this piece of information that the modern traveller wouldn’t mind sharing some of that data in exchange for better bargains during their guest journey.

And if that was too specific to an age group, 54% of survey respondents in a different survey indicated that they will be willing to share their personal information if it will be used to create personalised experiences! Trends that were deemed invasive before have now become sought after. The shifting sentiments could have possibly manifested from the pandemic and it simply evolved to adapt to modern travelling in the post-pandemic era.

Revenue Growth

Picture retrieved from BusinessWire

To hoteliers, there is a strong correlation between guest satisfaction and hotel revenue. The formula is simple, satisfy your guests and they tend to spend more. Monetate revealed that 93% of businesses with an advanced personalisation strategy experienced revenue growth in 2018.

Portier understands this and, we know that there is a huge upside in personalising experiences. While personalised services have always been regarded as a perk (pre-pandemic), the modern traveller may think otherwise now (post-pandemic). In fact, it could possibly redefine what going the extra mile means in the hospitality industry. In this day and age where technology is affluent in our daily lives and data can be extracted from our every action, personalised experiences should be a given and not just seen as a privilege anymore. Not when, it is also what travellers want.

Portier is ever-ready to partner with hotels to empower hotels on achieving guest satisfaction through personalisation. Reach out to us here ( or leave a message on the chat box to learn more about what we can do for your hotel!


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