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Sensitive and Sensible Communication with Portier's Push Messaging Feature

One of the features we are most proud of at Portier Technologies is our push messaging platform which, under normal circumstances, empowers hoteliers to promote their facilities and ancillary services, in order to get a larger share of the traveller wallet. Unsurprisingly, when we first designed and implemented this feature, an increase in TRevPAR for our hotel partners was the main incentive. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent, staged recovery from the above has opened up new ways to utilise this popular feature.

Below, we look at 3 novel ways in which our partners have found value in deploying the push message feature.

Welcoming your Guests with a Warm Digital Hug

Given the importance of continued social distancing, the likes of general managers can no longer be as personal as they used to be. In other words, the views of guests with regards to physical proximity will be sensitive, but their need for a personal welcome remains. In order to meet such demands, our partner hotels have deployed their push messaging function to facilitate a digital, socially distanced, yet personal welcome by triggering arrival push messages to guests, as soon as they get to their rooms.

As a result, guests receive a significantly more scalable version of a written note, giving them a feeling of having genuinely arrived, ready to explore and at ease as far as their hotel stay is concerned.

Putting your Guests at Ease

Given the changes to operational procedures such as room servicing, many guests can be confused as to when or how a room would now be cleaned. They might also be worried about new procedures they have to follow, and lacking knowledge about these will make some guests uncomfortable.

In response to the above, our partners now schedule push messages in relation to such procedures and, if and when required, they can enlist the guests’ support in handling actions such as appropriately airing the room. This knowledge and task distribution doesn’t just help the hotels comply with new rules but also gives guests the ability to experience their stay in full confidence, knowing that the hotel “partners” them in uncovering all the unknowns.

Keeping your Guest Up-to-Date

Whilst the most traditional push messages entice hotel guests to take advantage of promotions or special events at the hotel, the post-COVID era is already showing signs of hotels that embrace an expanded guest experience.

We have seen several cases of hotel partners utilising our push messaging feature to not simply make guests aware of inconveniences like expected traffic jams, but to place a much stronger focus on the hotel’s role beyond the limitations of the physical property. In this sense, many of our hotel partners have partnered with local eateries, experience providers and more, in order to guide their guests to the most appealing spots across the destination. This has led to a new level of appreciation from the guests who now appreciate the hotel taking part in their experience a lot more. In other words, a recommendation coming from the hotel is likely to be perceived as more valuable than ever before, emphasising the hotel’s now expanded role and influence.

All of the above is made possible due to the industry-leading popularity of our push message platform. As of today, on a per-head basis, more hotel guests read and click Portier Push Messages than any other push or promotional messages delivered to hotel guests via non-Portier platforms. This represents the single greatest opportunity for hoteliers to engage their guests beyond the basic expectations, creating happier traveller memories in the process.


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