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Knockbox Coffee Company

Even to those who've been in Hong Kong for a while, Knockbox might mean very little, as the brand's flagship coffee shop is tucked away in one of Mong Kok's quiet corners on the city's proverbial "Dark Side" of Kowloon. Without a doubt, Knockbox Coffee Company is like an homage to coffee. A quick look at their website shows some true dedication to the process of making a brew:

"What began as a search for excellence in a cup ended up becoming an entry ticket to explore the world."

With fewer international visitors heading to the hidden parts of Mong Kok, it's great news for tourists in particular, that Knockbox has now opened it's Hong Kong Island outlet on Stanley Street, right in the heart of Central.

Following a similar design and concept as the original store in Mong Kok, this is the perfect hangout for a quick break in Central. From ambience to atmosphere to music, this is certainly one of Hong Kong's most impressive coffee shops. What's more, Knockbox offers a range of coffee-making classes for an affordable US$60.

Along with the likes of Halfway Coffee, this is certainly one of our favorite coffee shops in Hong Kong, and we are confident that you'll love it too!

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