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Direct Messaging, Guest Engagement & the Portier Chat

Not to get pedantic, but the pandemic has indubitably brought about speedy changes to the hotel industry. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. For instance, Hotel Management has written this article that explains how the changing hotel landscape benefits from up-and-coming technology. At Portier Technologies, we are particularly interested in the benefits of direct messaging in enhancing guest engagement.

Statista reports that 2 billion people worldwide use WhatsApp as of this April. The role of messaging in interpersonal communication is only highlighted by the fact that 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and 1.225 billion WeChat. This data explicitly displays how many people around the world prefer messaging to other forms of communication - it’s ranked no.1 in four countries! Moreover, 89% of consumers are interested in communication via messaging. It’s a no-brainer that the hotel industry needs to include a messaging tool in their arsenal to engage their guests.

Direct messaging provides a quick and convenient way for guests to connect with the hotel. Say, for example, the guest has trouble finding the remote control for the AC - instead of spending ten to fifteen minutes to get to the hotel concierge and back, the guest can whip out their phone and message the right representative for any enquiries or complaints. It’s an instant solution that saves the guest time and effort. What’s more? Direct messaging enhances the hotel’s productivity by allowing the hotel concierge to attend to more urgent matters at the desk.

The power of direct messaging also manifests itself in the form of revenues. The hotel can utilise this opportunity to make recommendations more appealing with multimedia attachments. Guests in turn have the chance to express their likes and dislikes more clearly. There is a clear case for guest engagement with messaging. It’s not just convenient - it’s versatile. In a world where travel has been severely restricted, personalising and diversifying experiences lead to more exciting memories.

Our data shows that 85% of Portier Chat conversations take place between midnight and 11am. This means that Portier Chat allows guest engagement to be maintained throughout the night. Guests can map out their next day after asking for recommendations as well as place food orders late at night or early in the morning. Portier Chat ensures that guest engagement is consistent, so guests never feel that there is something missing in terms of customer service.

Direct messaging plays a vital role in guest engagement. Portier Technologies has devised an indispensable platform to execute this feature. If you are interested in learning how Portier Partners are harnessing the Portier Chat to boost guest engagement, reach out to us via


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