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Brothers Saigon - A Man’s Dream Barber Shop

The inside of Brothers Saigon

If you happen to be in Ho Chi Minh City, and you are in need of a haircut with ambience, don’t look beyond Brothers Saigon in the heart of the city.

As seems typical of many spaces across the city, what’s on the inside is a lot more impressive than what you might discover on the outside. Once you start climbing the stairs hidden in the back of a small alley off Dong Khoi, you’ll get a sense of discovering something unique at the top. You’ll enter the space via a quirky art gallery, and once you set foot in the barber shop, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a movie set.

The haircuts start at around US$17, but that’s not what the experience is about. Brothers impresses with a great menu of spirits and cigars that you can enjoy on the balcony beyond the brick walls of the space.

Come early, book your time slot and enjoy yourself on the balcony before getting treated to the city’s best haircut.


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