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5 Reasons Why You Should Totally Book a Resort For Your Next Vacation

The Maldives is one of the first few countries to fully reopen its borders for all travellers. Resorts there are plentiful - there are 154 resorts across the 185 inhabited islands of the Maldives, with the natural island formations unintentionally – but desirably – promoting social distancing. Despite the coronavirus raging last year, Maldives still welcomed 500,000 tourists in 2020. Digging a little deeper, Portier Explorer is excited to share some of the best travel tips for your next vacation. We think you should book a resort and here are 5 reasons why booking a resort for your next vacation is a great idea!

Photo by Tia Helmy on Unsplash

1. Everything You Need

Resorts are built to be self-contained. In a post-pandemic setting, it is essentially a bubble from the outside world which allows you to roam the property freely. All-inclusive resorts have a wide array of amenities and facilities on-site and the best thing is they are free to use! Travellers need not go beyond the property for experiences as they can be done on the property itself. For example, an island resort will provide you with gear for snorkelling and kayaking while a ski resort can equip you with quality gear for skiing! Talk about convenience! On the topic of convenience, some luxury resorts also provide personalised concierge services, usually at no cost. Guests get to request anything and receive everything they need on-site, without the need to leave their room (if that is what they want). All they need to do is to lift a finger, and send their requests through technology such as a phone or an app. If you are seeking a vacation to relax but do not wish to expose yourself to the coronavirus unnecessarily, you should definitely look at a resort for your next vacation.

2. Privacy Matters!

A resort offers privacy, as they are usually located a distance away from relatively urban areas. This is perfect for people looking to escape their urban life and planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. While nightlife activities in certain resorts may still be available, a resort is usually big enough such that the accommodation area is a good distance away from the thumping music and overly-intoxicated people.

Tranquillity is a privilege in the modern era, but it is widely available in a resort. This is especially true if you pay for a spa, wellness or health resort, as they also serve as a place to recharge. The design of these huge properties ensures that guests can be left in seclusion, undisturbed by others thereby providing them with privacy - just perfect for rejuvenation.

3. Hassle-Free Vacation

Resorts simplify vacation planning! Resorts are great for people who do not wish to plan for their vacation. Planning for a vacation can be extremely troublesome, especially for a huge family with different needs. But guess what? A resort provides all kinds of facilities as mentioned above, who can cater to different groups of people. Be it young or old, thrill-seekers or laid back people, a resort has just about anything for anyone.

4. Cost-Saving

Resorts can be cost-saving! While this could be contradictory as some of us already know the cost of all-inclusive resorts can be pretty steep, if you book a stay in a resort that is within your budget, you do not have to worry about bursting that budget as everything is already accounted for! As opposed to staying in a hotel and travelling out for food and activities, these are additional costs which can slowly accumulate and if travellers are not careful with their spending, it is easy to max out their credit cards. In a resort, guests can peacefully enjoy their stay without worrying about going over their budget as there is literally little to no risk of incurring additional costs.

5. Safety Prioritised

Resorts are generally safe as there is a huge emphasis on safety and resorts deploy state-of-the-art technology to help curb criminal acts on the property. This is important as no guests would want to live in an accommodation if they have to constantly worry about losing things. Resorts prioritise guest safety as is just as paramount as guest experience. The two work hand in hand - by providing their guests with a peace of mind, guest experience will definitely be enhanced. Guests will leave the resort with a good impression, and this in turn may build guest loyalty too!

A resort vacation could be just what you need to scratch that travel itch! Mark Wise, VP of Club Med Marketing Department described a resort vacation best, “You have the ability to do what, when you want, or do nothing at all. It’s a vacation with no sense of time or cost, and travellers can really live in the moment.”


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