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4 Ways to Boost Viewership through Content Maximisation

Linking two topics which we have previously touched on - Staff Productivity and Content Readership, Content Maximisation is a little bit of both. In fact, they have a symbiotic relationship with each other - the end result of achieving peak guest satisfaction.

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Content Quality

As previously mentioned, hotels usually possess great marketing content in their repository. Quality content has several characteristics that separate them from just the usual “good content”.

1. Original content is quality content.

When producing original content, a hotel should focus on its Unique Selling Point to brand itself. Here’s an example: Most hotels have their own bars but their marketing team will not create content to only publicise their drinks. Instead, the focus is on differentiation. A hotel in the city may use the allure of a high-rise rooftop bar to attract guests while another one may highlight their professional mixologist appeal. The key here is marketing the original and unique experience they can provide to consumers.

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2. Visually Appetising

For content to stand out in a crowded space, it has to be visually appetising. Appetising because not only does the content have to be appealing, it has to be digestible. Capturing the viewer’s attention within the first few seconds is key. In this experiment, we see that only 25% of viewers finished watching the video. The average view duration is only 14 seconds before viewers move on. Lengthy marketing material means that viewers will not receive the full message you wish to convey. That’s why content has to be optimised to be digestible.

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The fact that hotels have good content quality warrants the idea of content maximisation - making the most out of what they already have!

Mobile Friendly

To maximise content, make sure your content is mobile friendly. Statistics show that 85% of travellers book activities via mobile devices. Mobile penetration rate of 73% only strengthens the prowess of mobile friendly content marketing. If your content isn’t mobile friendly, it puts off consumers. In the age when consumers crave instant gratification, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of mobile users will abandon the website.

You can use Google’s mobile-friendly test here to check if your website is mobile friendly. Here’s wat you see if it's a mobile-friendly site:

Some tips for increasing your site speed include uploading suitable sizes for images and checking if your website contains unnecessary plugins.


Hashtags directly impact Content Viewership. It also helps to sort the relevance of your content by categories. Using hashtags allows you to promote your content across social media platforms all while keeping your content relevant!

Hashtags are interactive to a certain extent. It helps hotels boost their social media presence. It also reinforces content messaging and sometimes extends your reach to new audiences! It is a known fact that different generations have a penchant for using different social media apps. In short, the use of hashtags reaches different target audiences by reinforcing the same messages.

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Similar to hashtags, repurposing is a great way to reach new audiences for your hotel! With quality content at your fingertips, repurposing content is the most efficient way to increase your marketing efforts.

Repurposing quality content is very similar to upcycling. Hotel marketing teams don't have to continually come up with new and additional hotel content. Repurposing is important when hotel marketing teams recognise that they're trying to reach different target audiences on different social media platforms. While there is some content which can be uploaded as a whole across these platforms, others should be repurposed in order to better convey a particular message or reach the correct target audience.

For instance, if you're trying to upload a video on Instagram, it may not be as effective as using a still image from the video. However, that same video may fare better on Facebook in terms of viewership! Understanding which demographic to tackle can help you choose the right kind of content to post.

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The idea of content maximisation is simple. It doesn't require massive changes to the content itself. If your hotel prides itself on Staff Productivity and wishes to attain favourable Content Viewership statistics, try out some of these tips!

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