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14 Must Know Facts When Travelling To Singapore (Omicron Update)

Singapore with its gradual international border reopening is just in time for travellers looking to travel during the festive period. Despite the recent Omicron news, Singapore remains relatively positive and have since only postponed 3 of their Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates until further notice.

With that, the number of VTLs have been reduced to 24 instead of 27 countries. These 27 countries make up for 60% of inbound arrivals pre-COVID, and are expected to boost the recovering tourism sector in Singapore post-vaccine. If you’re looking at Singapore for your next holiday destination, Portier consolidates 14 important things to know when travelling to Singapore.

0.67 - weekly infection growth rate as of 1 December 2021 (positive sign if below 1.0)

2 years old and below not required to undergo on-arrival PCR testing

3rd day of visiting SG under VTL scheme, a traveller has to undergo ART at selected centres

5 pax when in social groups

7th day of visiting SG under VTL scheme, a traveller has to undergo ART at selected centres

$15 SGD - cost of ART on 3rd and 7th day of arrivals

24 countries eligible to travel to Singapore under Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs)

26 airlines operating designated VTL air flights to Singapore

27% of population received booster shots (as of 1 December)

87% of population completed full regimen of vaccinations (as of 1 December)

$125 SGD - cost of an on-arrival PCR test

15,000 travellers - quota of VTL travellers daily

$30,000 minimum coverage of travel insurance against COVID-19 related medical charges

79,335 Vaccinated Travel Passes issued to inbound travellers (as of 25th November)


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