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Delivering TRevPar Increases


Identifying TRevPAR Opportunities

When it comes to achieving a strong increase in TRevPar, the Portier Platform assists hotel staff in identifying the most-fitting opportunities for generating a 25% uplift in incremental revenue from guest arrivals. Once identified, these opportunities are then converted via 3 key features on offer, namely, direct messaging, dynamic call-to-action buttons and push messaging


Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a feature that’s gaining popularity across the hospitality sector, as it provides guests with the ability to resolve problems or process uncertainties in a matter of minutes.

Direct Messaging

Enjoy Uninterrupted Connection With

Your Guests

Portier Chat is Portier Technologies’ de facto direct messaging feature and is one of the few chat platforms that benefit from an uninterrupted connection between guests and hotel staff. When a chat interaction is critical, hotel staff do not have to worry about a potential disruption to their conversation, as Portier Chat is built into Portier Phones. Thus, avoiding any competition for attention with other apps guests have on their own devices nor with conversations that they might have prioritised in their preferred chat applications.


Converting Interactions Into Sales

When staff interact with guests on Portier Chat, staff members can share links, images, videos, voice messages, map locations and more. While this feature is mostly designed for the benefit of improved service standards, hotel staff can turn any conversation into a sale by guiding guests in the right direction. For example, when guests utilise Portier Chat for food enquiries and subsequently place a food order, the staff can take their typically personal interaction virtual, and make a wine pairing recommendation that would drive an additional item onto that particular order.


Without Portier Chat, this interaction might simply end at the point at which the guest feels ready to place the order.


Call-to-Action Buttons (CTABs)

Whether it’s content hotel staff upload or push messages they create, each content-related item is powered by the ability to add, move and change call-to-action buttons (CTAB), all via the Portier Portal. CTABs are a very powerful addition to any piece of content, and hotel staff can treat these the same way marketers treat landing pages. In that sense, it’s critical to guide your guests through a logical flow of information that ends up leading to a sales conversion. For instance, if you provide detail on individual spa treatments but fail to add the relevant CTAB, you might have missed an opportunity for conversion.

Managing CTABs

The design simplicity of the Portier Portal enables hotel staff to select the right amount of CTABs with each piece of content or push message. In this respect, you can manage multiple CTABs per content piece or you can simply get your guests to focus on a single but highly relevant button instead. The power of the CTABs leads to some great conversion for our hotel partners.


These CTABs can be links or direct dials to relevant hotel departments. If, for example, a guest is looking at spa treatments, a direct dial to the spa is likely to be more impactful, as booking a spa treatment is a more complex purchasing decision than a spot at the happy hour table.

Adding a CTAB also removes a layer of friction for your sales conversions. Guests can directly access the Portier Chat or dialer when they click on the CTAB instead of adding an extra step of taking out their personal phones to enquire about the amenities.


As of today, the most popular pieces of content are either F&B or spa-related.

Push Messaging

Push Messaging

Push messaging is Portier Technologies’ most prominent marketing feature and currently runs an industry-leading conversion rate of 7%, meaning that out of 100 push messages our hotel partners send to their guests, 7 receive direct bookings via the in-built call-to-action buttons.



Via the Portier Portal, our partners can choose to segment the push messages and thus, only target specific groups of guests with corresponding offers. For example, if your hotel receives an increase of arrivals during Chinese New Year and your F&B outlets run culinary specials for this period, it might be best practice to only target guests that are celebrating Chinese New Year with those specials, in order to ensure a higher conversion.

Aside from special offers, each hotel will have a regular schedule of offers. These might include daily happy hours, multi-month promotions, weekly recurring specials and more. With a few clicks on the Portier Portal, push messages can be refined to align with this schedule, and hotel staff get to choose the time of the day push messages are sent, on which days they are sent and how long they are valid for.

Portier Datasheets

In this respect, Portier Datasheets will provide detailed efficacy insight to hotel staff, in order for messages to be triggered at the most opportune times.


Managing Push Messages

Aside from choosing the most-fitting target groups and time brackets, hotel staff also get to select the preferred format of a push message. While some push messages deserve attention, others might be deemed intrusive. In order to circumnavigate this conundrum, the Portier Portal offers push message formats that range from unmissable full-screen notifications to silent messages that are simply dropped in the “offers” section of the home screen. Our hotel partners often base their choice on the reports they extract from Portier Datasheets, and should the data suggest that a given push message is better served via an alternative format, hotel staff get to adjust to that trend via a few clicks on the Portier Portal.

Revenue Calculator

Use the formula below to help you determine the potential revenue from a service you provide:

Hotel Occupancy x Hotel Rooms x Value of Promotion x Conversion Rate*


Potential Revenue

*Portier's Average Conversion Rate = 7%

Let's assume an occupancy rate of 80% on a given day and that your hotel sends out messages to all 100 rooms, promoting a spa service worth $100. This single push message will be read by 67 guests and of those, 6 convert to sales, taking into account our average conversion of 7% .


As a result, the potential revenue your hotel could earn from this single promotion would be $600 per day or $219,000 per year.

Strengthen your TRevPAR Strategy with Portier

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