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Improving Online Ratings

Portier’s partnership with TripAdvisor facilitates seamless reviews collection with our partner hotels. With Portier’s Quick Review features, a majority of hotel partners now drive around 40% of their public TripAdvisor reviews directly from the Portier Platform, leading to more reviews and a significantly increased likelihood of positive feedback from guests.


Gathering good and consistent reviews can increase a hotel's ranking on Tripadvisor. According to Tripadvisor, "The Popularity Ranking is based on the quality, recency and quantity of reviews that a business receives from users — and the consistency of those reviews over time."

Portier - Review (TripAdvisor).png

Increase Your Hotel Ranking on Tripadvisor with Portier Quick Review Feature

  1. Drive review collection with our Push Messaging feature

  2. Empower high-quality reviews (min. of 200 characters)

  3. Gather likely more positive reviews from guests

Intuitive and Hassle-Free

​The roadmap for collection is designed with the guest in mind - an intuitive and smooth user experience coupled with a mobile-friendly interface to obtain optimal results.

While guests need an email account registered with Tripadvisor, there is no additional step of having to log in. Guests only have to key in their registered email address - removing a layer of hindrance and facilitating a hassle-free review collection process.

Strengthen your Review Collection Strategy with Portier

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