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Implementation & Enablement


Obtaining Optimal Results

We provide a complimentary Implementation & Enablement program for our partner hotels before rolling out our service property-wide. Our goal is to help our partner hotels ease into the Portier Platform - to understand the little nuances of the technology for an optimal and customised deployment.



During multiple rollouts with our partner hotels, we have identified a set of best practices and established a 3-step methodology over the past few years.


Identify Requirements

Identify and analyse baseline requirements for the hotel property or brand (e.g. agree on the most critical features)


Refine Property Requirements


Understand property-specific requirements (e.g. language, style, local culture-related requirements etc.)


Execute Project


Multi-week endeavour to roll out the solution, following a predefined and sequential plan with agreed outputs


The Portier Enablement Program was designed to support ideal results, remove complexity for hotel staff and reduce change management efforts to a minimum.

The program consists of two types of training:


1) Administrator Workshop

Get into the "bits and pieces" of the Portier Platform and get staff prepared to support the rollout with minimal effort.

2) Super-User Training

Empower staff by sharing “Best Practices” for content creation, promotion and device management.


The Enablement Program lays the groundwork for a successful partnership between your hotel and Portier Technologies, and delivers benefits from years of experience in guiding hotel staff towards optimal results derived from technology deployments.

Core Solution Training

As an integral part of our Enablement Program, the Core Solution Training includes an introduction to our Content Management System (CMS), Front-End Interface (Portier Phone) and lastly, Portier Datasheets that help hotels better understand guest behaviour.


Portier - Platform Content (imac).png

Content Management System (CMS)


  • How to manage content with few clicks

  • How to make real-time updates to content and menus

  • How to launch & manage push marketing campaigns

  • How to manage device allocation and specifics

Front-End Interface (Portier Phone)

  • How to introduce Portier Phones to guests

  • How to use all Portier Phone features

  • How to access pre-loaded local applications

  • How to access Portier Chat, Portier Calls and Portier WiFi


Portier Datasheets

  • How to interpret data points

  • How to segment data for custom needs

  • How to extract PDF data reports

  • How to action behavioural patterns shown by guests

Training your staff members in understanding the core features and functionalities of the Portier Platform will set your hotel up for success and lead to an optimised utilisation of our technology, with better conversion, stronger presence and a frictionless experience.


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