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Empowering Voice

Empowering Guest Connections

Often overlooked as a "thing of the past", the ability for guests to utilise phone calls on Portier Phones is sometimes regarded as a less critical feature, but your guests will actually love you for providing this service.

Local Calling

When covered via roaming packages, in particular, local calls tend to be a painful experience for travellers for a number of reasons.


Call Quality


The quality of calls made on a "foreign" phone using a roaming package is below standard and causes delays


Expensive Networks


AT&T for example, charges your guests $70 per month for roaming but a local call would still cost them $0.35 per minute




Actively finding and dialling a local number, rather than tapping a pre-programmed button, adds a layer of friction

Frictionless Experience

The combination of information and call-to-action buttons provided to guests on Portier Phones leads to higher sales conversion and more voice-based engagement.

The guest journey leads from reading to intrigue to actioning a button.

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Read & Love


Your content is read by guests, and more often than not, a decision to read leads to intrigue, and the guest wants to know more.


Action the Call Button

As your guest shows an intention to speak to you about your content (e.g. spa services), they can hit a button to connect with staff, without having to dial a number, or head to a different device.

The way in which the Portier Platform drives readership of hotel services inevitably leads to increased guest interest, and the provision of frictionless calling options at the article level leads to a boost in guest satisfaction and a truly frictionless experience.

High Voice Conversion

Human Interaction Remains Critical

Portier Phones and their ability to support direct voice-calling links to staff members ensure a higher sales conversion when it comes to ancillary services at hotels.


In fact, with human interaction, guests are 4 times as likely to book a service than without that interaction. The calling feature provided on the Portier Platform ensures the fastest access to human interaction via frictionless voice experiences.


Let's assume your guests read a piece of content covering all the spa treatments your hotel has an offer. After digging into a specific treatment worth $100, they place a call to the spa, speak to the therapist and get answers to their questions. As a result of this conversation processed on Portier Phones, these guests are 4 times more likely to book this treatment.

In other words, if you never provided voice support on bookings and your conversion on this specific spa treatment was 1%, you would have been generating $100 out of every 100 guests. With Portier Calls, that number could increase to $400. At a 100-room hotel with an average occupancy of 80%, this could lead to an annual increase of more than $87,000 in revenue from this spa service.

Portier Calling Statistics


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