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Smooth Discovery of Guest Journey

Smooth Discovery

To us and to our users, Portier is a remote control to your travel experience, and that statement is clearly more than just semantics. Our platform is designed to have an impact on every element of a traveller’s journey across a destination.


The key to having an impact on a journey is what we like to call "smooth discovery" - an efficacious way of getting your guests to use technology. In that sense, our user journey delivers the industry's best results and highest efficacy when it comes to guest usage.

Guest Journey


80% of guests choose to use a Portier Phone

Exploring Hotel

Exploring Hotel

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Conversion Rate from Upsell Opportunities

Your traditional guest compendium is not measurable, making upselling ancillary services a challenge.

Our average conversion rate on promotions leads the industry at 7%. Through strategies like push messaging and dynamic call-to-action buttons, Portier drives more guests to book your hotel's ancillary services.


The 7 calls made per room can range from international to local calls. Having said that, a large share of local calls was placed between guests and hotel staff during the pandemic in particular. The calls were initiated by domestic travellers enquiring about the hotel's facilities and services.


The popularity of voice, even with domestic travellers, is a testament to the seamless experience on Portier Phones where guests can read content and operate a clearly visible call-to-action button, removing all friction.

Exploring Destinations

Explorng Destination

Data doesn't lie - hotel guests love using Portier Phones! Using a phone also means guests are able to bring it along with them when exploring the destination. This gives your hotel additional opportunities to increase engagement with your guests.




Discover a Smooth Guest Journey with Portier

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