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Singapore Edition: 4 Infinity Pools Experience

Following our previous article on the Top 4 Infinity Pools in Hong Kong, Portier Explorer is coming up with a Singapore edition. The 4 infinity pools here offers a diverse range of experience, so read on and pick your choice!

Marina Bay Sands

Perhaps the most iconic infinity pool of all, the pool drapes over the entire city skyline and overlooks the Central Business District Area (CBD). If you’re looking for an IG-worthy summer shot, visit the pool in the afternoon and get the mandatory shot of your back with you peering over the railings. The real view takes place at night, however, as the city seems to quieten down but not entirely. Somehow, there is a hypnotising effect of just admiring the nightscape of the skyscrapers that loom in the distance, watching over the city. It could get chilly at night, especially on the 55th floor but definitely worth the experience!

Fullerton Hotel

A national monument, the Fullerton Hotel was built in 1928 and is a famous landmark reminiscent of the colonial history of Singapore. The hotel boasts a 25m long infinity pool overlooking the Singapore River. It is impossible to miss the Fullerton Hotel as it juts out from the typical high-rise, glass buildings you see in the CBD. Enjoy a handcrafted cocktail on the mezzanine by the poolside as you take in the views.

Hotel Indigo Katong

The infinity pool at Hotel Indigo Katong offers a more modest and refreshing view of Singapore. Located on the 16th floor, the pool skies over the shophouses in the region. Katong is home to the Peranakan culture and it is reflected by the little shophouses with colourful mosaic tiles. This also means that visitors can enjoy an unblocked view of the heartlands in the east of Singapore, an entirely different experience from the above hotels located in the CBD.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The rooftop infinity pool in Amara Sanctuary Resort may not compare to the others in terms of length, but it sure makes up for it with the view it offers. The resort is situated in Sentosa, a small island off the south coast of Singapore. You will soon forget that you’re in Singapore however, as the resort is quite a distance from the recreational attractions in Sentosa. Enjoy the sea breeze with a panoramic view of the South China Sea and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of your surroundings. Portier thinks a nice cup of coffee or tea by the deck would complement this wellness experience.

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