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Samujana & Portier Tackle COVID-19

Samujana Villas, one of our longer-term partners based on the Thai island of Koh Samui has become one of the world's pioneer hotel properties to leverage technology, in order to effectively deal with the changing hospitality environment caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. In line with our own approach to the pandemic, the property's staff deployed the below strategies boosted by Portier Technologies' guest-facing technology.

Social Distancing

A term that we all have become familiar with in the wake of the global pandemic, and governments all over the world have looked to quickly implement social distancing strategies.

At Samujana, social distancing is nothing new, but they are now enforcing stricter policies that include a contactless service by utilising Portier Phones, the property’s guests have always benefited from the notion of “so far but yet so close” via Portier Technologies’ ability to boost contactless service. In that sense, guests can always stay in touch with their villa hosts, and can call them, chat with them and request help or access to on-site services from a single place. This ensures a strong connection between staff and guests, without the need for physical proximity.

By deploying Portier Phones as a single interaction point, Samujana staff now have significantly fewer surfaces to keep clean, and gone are the days of having to go through a compendium page-by-page, especially considering that paper is among the most prone objects when it comes to corona-virus related germs.

In essence, the Portier Platform combines all printed materials, all property information, all staff engagement, all destination-related information, all telephony needs and more in a single place. This empowers hotels to remove physical inventory and concentrate everything within one digital platform.


Via the Portier Platform, Samujana is fully digital, and given the guests’ preference to carry the Portier Phones off-property, staff now explore the island “together” with the guests. In that respect, guests get access to content on corona-virus related topics, always prominently placed on their personalised Portier Phone.

“I’ll quickly share my location with you, so you can recommend some safe restaurants to go to around me”, “Let’s explore the Island Guide on the device, so we only visit places that Samujana staff deem safe”, “I wonder if this street-food area is safe” - all of these concerns are now covered by a combination of Samujana staff and the Portier Platform.

What’s more, Samujana staff can create and manage content that promotes best practices and recommends safety measures to guests, educating them on how to best respond to a new reality. Remember the initial range of government materials explaining how to wash your hands? By placing essentials like this on Portier Phones, Samujana educate their guests in the most digestible way possible.

Guest Engagement

With the Portier Platform at hand, Samujana is actually promoting more guest engagement than ever before - the difference? No touch. While the physical distance between guests and staff has increased, Portier Technologies and Samujana staff have worked hand-in-hand, in order to promote digital proximity.

With this in mind, the property is able to promote on-site services and ultimately deliver a more comprehensive guest experience, without making guests uncomfortable by asking them to interact in person.

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