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Portier's Push Towards Staff Productivity - Part 1

Hotel staff will have to increase their productivity if they are to remain relevant in a drastically changing world of travel.

In light of the pandemic the travel and hotel industry is living through, we have not only witnessed a stronger demand for digital solutions from hotels, but also a more significant focus on increased staff productivity. In other words, how can fewer staff members achieve more?

But wait, let’s backtrack a little.

Photo by Ilya Ilford on Unsplash

At Portier Technologies, we are very much used to the idea of maximisation. Expecting fewer people to stay at hotels for a prolonged period, our platform has seen a spike in demand, as it’s always been optimised to generate more income from each hotel guest and, in that sense, maximises hotels’ access to traveller wallets. While hotels have become the de facto experts in fighting for “heads in beds”, we will continue to help hotels make more income from each “head”, something that will be critical for survival over the next two years or so. Just imagine if your hotel employs and masters both ways - the ultimate strategy to hotel revenue increment!

When it comes to achieving a strong increase in RevPar, the Portier Platform boasts a number of features that ultimately benefit from behavioural guest data which makes the promotion of hotel services more relevant, and helps hotel staff to sell more than what’s available at the property. With features that include automated promotions, direct messaging and dynamic content management, we have helped hotels increase their RevPar by an average of over 25%, maximising the dollars each hotel guest adds to the hotel’s bottom line.

But how does that relate to staff productivity?

Well, it’s all about the amount of effort that it takes, in order to get to that increase in hotel revenue. While robots might be good for the more mundane tasks such as getting some scrambled eggs on the guests’ breakfast tables, there are many areas where human hotel staff won’t be replaced, and the question should be as to how their skills can travel further, thus, increasing their productivity, especially when it comes to accessing a larger share of the traveller wallet.

Arguably often enough, we have spoken about the importance and the irreplaceable value of hotel staff. In this regard, we have always seen our platform as an amplifier of skills that technology fails to grasp, as those skills are intangible and less measurable. How do you quantify a great conversation between a guest and a member of hotel staff? It’s hard to measure such interactions, but undoubtedly, they add income to the hotel.

In this respect, we continue to set our sights on staff productivity gains which are not focused on things like “fewer staff members managing to clean more rooms” or a robot that has now taken over the egg station to reduce staff costs, but instead, we like to concentrate on the crossroads of staff and technology when it comes to producing more revenue for the hotel.

What does this mean for the future?

If applied properly, hotel technology will have its biggest impact on history yet. Whereas backend systems will continue to focus on getting the same things done faster and more efficiently, revenue-optimised platforms like ours will add much-needed revenue productivity to the guest-facing philosophy of hotels.

Photo by Ravi Patel on Unsplash

The very essence of the above is that it’s important for hoteliers to begin thinking about productivity in a different way. Productivity shouldn’t just be the idea of saving costs and time, but instead, it should open up new revenue opportunities. In many ways, today’s changes represent an opportunity for hoteliers to instigate a pre-emptive strike by rising above the worries of cost management and deploying a strategy that will not simply reduce costs but make them seem inferior in the context of the hotel’s overall revenue performance.

If you are interested in creating your very own pre-emptive strategy, drop us a line on and we can start the conversation today.


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