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Moto-san - Hanoi's Unconventional Banh Mi

Alright, this will sound slightly odd and we're not entirely sure as to whether you'll appreciate our creative approach here... but hear us out. We have discussed Scandinavian inspired Turkish food, but now we have for you another fusion combination, this time in Hanoi.

Japanese-style Banh Mi

Moto-san, as Japanese as it's trying to be, has one of the best "secret" banh mi interpretations in Hanoi. A little more expensive than the typical street food vendors (VND50,000 or just over $2 per banh mi), Moto-san's pork banh mi is quite impressive.

The meat is tender, the sauce doesn't overpower and the bread is nice and crunchy - a delicious banh mi. What's more, the seating outside is great, so this is an especially nice spot when it doesn't rain. Of course, if you're really craving that bowl of ramen, you're covered too!


Moto-san Uber Noodles - Hanoi, Vietnam

Hours: Daily, 8am-12am


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