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Data Insights - How data can help your guests decide to eat at your property

resort hotel dining

Making guests aware of on site dining services and other hotel amenities is a critical and challenging part of any hotelier's jobs.

Because guests have so many options, many hotels can struggle to ensure that their dining services remain in their guests minds at the time when guests are deciding where they want to eat. And as a result, when it is actually time to make a decision about where to eat, many guests choose to eat somewhere else.

Remind your guests about dining when they are making a decision

At Portier Technologies, our white labelled phones allow hotels to put all their dining content into a convenient go anywhere compendium.

And because our phones let hotels send push notifications to guests at different times, our platform allows hotels to not only measure what content a guest is consuming, but more importantly how they are responding to different types of notifications. This allows our hotel partners to optimize the type of content that is sent to guests at the time when guests are making decisions.

Dining Data Insights

In the past, we found that spa related content was consumed in different ways depending on the type of hotel property. So we wanted to do a similar analysis to see if similar trends occur with dining related content. What we learned was:

  • In city hotels, 30% of dining related content was consumed between 20:00 and 24:00

  • In resort hotels 54% of dining related content was consumed between 15:00pm and 19:00

What this data means for city hotels

We can hypothesize that guests staying at city hotels might eat later in the evening. They might be out exploring a city and as a result they might be preoccupied with their other activities and thus make dining decisions later in the day. City guests might also review dining related content as an important factor when they are making their plans for the next day.

What this data means for resort hotels

On the other hand, resort guests likely spend more time at the resort and are less likely to spend as much time planning out a day’s activity. As a result, resort guests could be more likely to plan what they are going to eat for dinner a 2 - 4 hours before dinner time rather than city guests who might plan up to 24 hours ahead of time.

How this data can help increase on site dining awareness

Depending on the hotel property type, these data insights can not only help hotels to know what, but more importantly when to send information to guests. Portier phones allow properties to elegantly remind guests at a time when they are likely to be making a dining decision.

We recommend that for hoteliers at resort hotels wanting to increase awareness and later revenue from on site dining to send dining related content in the late afternoon that is relaxed in nature.

For hoteliers at city hotels, we recommend sending dining related content later in the evening. City hotels might also suggest a combination of hotel dining and an evening activity to help the guest better plan out the next day's activities.

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