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Continued Technology Investment at Portier

With the pandemic at hand, we, like many other companies, had more time to focus on our core technology and any future roadmaps that would emanate from both the changes we can expect across the travel sector and from the new measures that are already being implemented in our industry.

In order to properly respond to the needs of our customers and those that are looking to partner with us in the future, we stayed committed to investing in technology. We have since seen a steady growth of technology staff at Portier Technologies. In this context, our Bangkok office in particular has grown to accommodate more software developers focused on back-end and front-end operations. The growth is aligned with our development plan to deliver new layers to the overall Portier Technologies product portfolio.

In this sense, the general idea will continue to be a better guest experience, more back-office efficiency and improved staff-to-staff relationships. These are the areas we want to keep a competitive edge in, and our continued commitment to developing products that address these areas will only be further emphasised with this growth.

In the process of establishing a larger technology presence, we have also found our adopted home of Bangkok to be a somewhat underestimated and underutilised base for technology development. We are hoping to be a tiny changemaker and if possible, a trailblazer in this particular context.

If you are interested in talking to us about the specific technology needs your property or the hotel brand has, feel free to reach out to us via so we can tailor some of our team’s work to your needs.


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