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Akara Bangkok brings guest experience to a whole new level

Starting a flavorful journey with an exciting new partnership with Portier Technologies.

Bangkok, Thailand - Akara Bangkok, one of Bangkok’s Premier Hotels, has partnered with Portier Technologies to bring the next level of hotel service and engagement to its guests from around the world.

The Portier Phone allows Akara Bangkok to better engage and promote their property bars and restaurants (The Barracuda Rooftop Bar, Ross’ Kitchen and its Fables Restaurant) with up to date, translated marketing materials. While Portier’s live chat translation functionality allows guests to better engage hotel staff in places like Roschas Culinary School.

Mai Vannaying, Marketing Manager, was excited with the possibility of using Portier Phones to not only drive better guest engagement, but also increase revenue.

“We strive to make our guests’ experiences as personal and comfortable as possible. With Portier, we can create a five star experience by ensuring that guests receive relevant marketing and hotel information in a language that is easy to understand. We believe that our ability to produce next level content and engagement will also increase overall property revenue.”

The Portier Phone allows not only allows Akara Bangkok to create a better guest experience and increase revenue, but also helps them to create a more eco-friendly hotel. Ashafur Zahid, GM, said that “Our guests are increasingly demanding a more eco-friendly experience. Poriter Phones not only help us to better meet our guests’ expectations around sustainability, but they also save us money every day on printing and logistics costs.”

Rujichon Lamphattanatam, Portier Technologies’ Service Delivery and Account Manager for Thailand is eager to read about the new guest experiences on Akara Bangkok's Trip Advisor reviews. “Akara Bangkok is already the #1 hotel on Trip Advisor for Bangkok. And because guests can leave a new review with a tap of a button on their Portier phones, I look forward to reading what guests have to say when we combine a world class hotel staff with forward thinking management and great technology.”

About Portier Technologies

Founded in 2016, Portier Technologies is a travel platform that helps hotels better communicate with their customers via an intelligent, IoT-enabled smartphone solution that gives guests free access to calls, connectivity and content. Hotels remain connected to their guests beyond the limitations of the property and generate additional income via data-powered promotions, while also making back office operations significantly more efficient.

For today's travelers, Portier Technologies' travel platform covers all travel needs from in-destination activities to hotel-related bookings and promotions, all powered by valuable data insights.

About Akara Bangkok

From artisanal luxe inspired rooms and sensational signature restaurants to Thai-spirited service, we offer a fascinating fusion of comfort and cultural experience to ensure you have a flavorful journey. Set in the Ratchathewi district at the center of Bangkok, AKARA HOTEL BANGKOK puts you in a delightful ambience where local flavors and urban vibes harmoniously blend. Engage in the local culture at the cozy dining places and the cultural attractions nearby. Explore happening shopping venues and discover the specialties of Thailand.


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