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A Greener Solution for Hotels

At Portier Technologies, we strive to empower hotels with environmentally friendly practices. There is a waste problem in the hotel industry. Consider the reliance on paper: the receipts and invoices at check-in, the in-room printed guides and notepads, and even the menus in hotel restaurants. The Portier Phone is a straightforward solution for hotels looking for a green solution.

Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

Waste in the hospitality industry

There is a general waste problem in the hospitality sector. In 2019 alone, hotels in the United Kingdom produced 289,700 tonnes of waste, whereas in Singapore, hotels produce an average of 3.8kg of waste every day. This includes food waste, plastic waste, as well as paper waste. The hospitality industry can begin to tackle this problem by switching to Portier's digital solution. The Portier Phone is a multi-functional phone that immediately eliminates printing costs such as the maintenance of printers, and constant supply of printer paper and ink that needs to be on-hand for receipts, coupons, leaflets, and in-room papers.

Going contactless for the pandemic

Due to the pandemic, contactless hotel experiences have become a crucial target and priority for hotels around the world. If you are a hotelier looking to convert your guest's journey to a completely digital one, look no further. The Portier Phone reduces the need for physical touchpoints in a hotel, thus significantly lowering the risk of Covid-19 being spread within the hotel. Ensuring a safe environment for both guests and hotel staff, guests will feel more reassured by the reduced number of objects they need to worry about and clean, and staff will also be exposed to less risks of contracting the virus.

The Portier Phone is not only efficient and flexible. It can also streamline the guest experience without the usual confusion guests might face – for example, the stress of forgetting which floor the front desk is on right before check-out, or the panic in the event of losing your hotel key. All these issues can be solved immediately through the phone's built-in Chat function.

Perhaps surprisingly, this contactless approach further enables hotel staff to interact with their guests on a more intimate level. "Physically distant, emotionally close" is our philosophy. This is made possible through the Phone's Chat function, through which guests can make requests without worrying about putting the phone against their face. Understandably, this also makes the in-room experience easier for guests who aren't comfortable speaking over the phone, as staff can respond by using the text function. The phone furthermore sets up a better hotel stay for users who might not speak the local language comfortably, as guests have are provided with multiple languages to choose from.

Why guests will love it too

With the Portier Phone, guests can effortlessly stay informed on all the coronavirus-related updates in their local city, as they might not know where to access the news and notifications in their new city. They can also scroll through introductions and guides to their room and the city with ease. The digital platform also allows for clicking on links to access more detailed explanations.

This is doubly advantageous as it also increases accessibility, as guests can alter the font size to their needs and liking. Using the smartphone to view images will also provide the option for colour-blind guests to view it through colour filters. Guests can scroll through Portier City Guides provided by Portier to explore their local neighbourhoods, through our introductions and first-hand reviews of both classic and hidden gems across our cities.

What’s more, the Phone conveniently integrates social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram into its platform, and offers unlimited 4G and calls – this includes both local calls and international calls.

The spread of touchpoints can also prove to be both ineffective and troublesome at times. Can you think of the last time you visited a hotel and flicked through the entire folder of regulations, advertisements and recommendations? Portier's contactless approach is the solution to this. The Phone gathers all parts of the journey into one smartphone. The Portier Phone essentially collates everything necessary for a fulfilling travel experience into one platform without the traveller having to reach for and flip through different sheets of paper.


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