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8 Best Food Places To Visit In Singapore

As of October 19, Singapore has expanded their Vaccinated Travel Lane Scheme to 8 more countries, spearheading the return of safe travel in the region. Since the publication of the news, more than 2,400 travellers have been issued passes to enter Singapore from October 19 to November 17 on designated flights. With this piece of good news, Portier Technologies rounds up the best food places in Singapore for your next visit to the little island city.

328 Katong Laksa

The usual ingredients of laksa are beancurd puffs, fish cakes, thick bee-hoon, beansprouts for extra crunchiness, cockles and prawns. Adding the seafood gives it a rich and full taste when added to the bowl of wonders. The "lemak" (creamy) broth ties the flavours of the dish together nicely, you will find yourself slurping up the entire bowl! The level of spiciness can be tailored according to preference as they provide the sambal chilli paste on the side. Warning ⚠️: it can get pretty spicy!


Entering @atlascoffeehouse is a treat for your senses. Atlas Coffeehouse (and its sister cafes) may have one of the best cafe aesthetics in Singapore. This is well-translated into their coffee too, something you may have already noticed when you enter as the smell of roasted coffee beans wafts towards you. Coffee connoisseurs can pick their coffee beans which are sourced from El Savador, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Sweater weather in Singapore calls for the Summer Chicken Stew - the best kind of comfort food. They also serve up mean truffle fries with a generous portion of parmesan shavings if you are looking to share side dishes.

Before you leave, remember to grab one of their white cold brew 'Milky Way’ to go! They only make these in limited quantities daily, so don’t miss out!

Travel Tip: The nearest MRT station is Botanic Gardens. Exit from the Circle line for a shorter walk. Follow the direction of the traffic and walk for 5 minutes and you should see Atlas Coffeehouse on your left!

Dragon Chamber

Disguised as a fridge door of a local eatery, begin your dining experience in @thedragonchamber by snaking through the restaurant’s dimly neon-lit hallways.

The Dragon Chamber serves up modern Chinese cuisine with a slight Western touch. For the brave souls, try their famous Dragon Claw dish - “Singapore farmed crocodile foot braised in herbal sauce served on a bed of kale”. If you’re looking for something more exciting or IG-worthy, the Dragon Curry would check all your boxes. Served in a flaming coconut, a juicy lobster is presented with the house special concocted curry. You should definitely get your camera ready for this one!

Travel Tip: Travel to Clarke Quay MRT station. Exit via Exit B for a brisk 8 mins walk to the restaurant. You may have to keep a lookout for the actual address (2 Circular Road) as it is a speakeasy restaurant.

Banh Mi Thit

Tucked along the bustling streets of Geylang, one may overlook Banh Mi Thit with its faint LED signboard. Do not let the average-looking sign fool you, the Banh Mi here is nothing close to average. Banh Mi Thit bakes its own baguettes in-house, and it is just the right balance of fluffiness and crispiness.

They offer a variety of meats such as chicken, beef, pork and they are extremely generous with their meat servings. They even serve a vegetarian option although it is not on the menu! Just inform the staff and they can specially prepare it for you. If you are unsure of what to get, the beef one is a good way to get acquainted with Banh Mi Thit. Keep a lookout for the chilli slices if you’re not one to take spicy food! These small chilli slices pack a punch!

Tip: Call the restaurant ahead of time to order and have your banh mi ready to eat by the time you are there! The waiting times are not outrageous but if you are in a rush or feeling famished, this is a great way to shorten your waiting time.


If you ever had the original Halal Guys in New York, you will be pleased to know that Singapore's homegrown brand, Overrice is a close enough substitute for it. This is no surprise, given that the founders of Overrice were inspired by the people’s dish from the streets of New York.

The signature bowls they serve come with marinated chicken or beef and they consist of basmati rice, freshly-baked pita bread, lettuce, tomatoes. There’s a falafel option for vegetarians as well! Perfectly marinated with mediterranean spices, the grilled chicken is juicy and tender. Yet, the spices do not overpower the entire dish, allowing the diner to experience every ingredient of the well-curated dish.

The stars of the bowls however are the sauces. The white and red sauce pays homage to the OG experience in NY but tailored with a local flair. The white sauce is dangerously addictive, its strong garlic taste complements the other elements yet possesses a standalone, distinctive taste, layering the experience of the dish. Not to be taken lightly, the red sauce is a blend of four different chillies. It is not a complete experience if the red sauce is not added, but do it with discretion. It creeps on you slowly so watch out if you’re not one to enjoy spicy food. The store provides you with the sauces on the side so you can tailor it to your personal taste.

Tips: Located at 48 Arab Street, the nearest MRT station is Bugis or Nicoll Highway station. The stall is an eight-minute walk from either station.

Whisk and Paddle

In the North-Eastern area of Punggol, Singapore, a quaint, idyllic cafe sits by the riverside. @whiskandpaddlesg is the perfect place to wind down, as you can sip on your afternoon tea and admire the unblocked view of Singapore's greenery.

The cafe boasts a comprehensive menu, from an all-day breakfast selection to mains such as duck confit, pasta and pizzas. Family-friendly, it also provides a kids' menu and an outdoor playing area for the little ones. The ambience is just perfect for a weekend brunch!

Tip: Travel to Punggol MRT station and switch to the LRT. Board the East train on either platform and alight at Riviera Station. The cafe is a 3 mins walk from the station.

Yong He Eating House

Yong He Eating House is synonymous with the supper scene in the East of Singapore. Open 24 hours, it is one of the best places to indulge if you're craving for something sweet late at night.

Aside from the traditional beancurd and fried dough fritters, they also serve a decent bowl of mee sua. A dish similar to vermicelli which comes with a peppery, starchy soup base. Pair it with a herbal egg also known as tea leaves egg to cap off your supper run.

Tip: Located at Geylang, the nearest MRT station is Aljunied Station and Yong He is a brisk 5 mins walk from the MRT station.

Derwish Turkish Restaurant

Hidden along Bussorah St lies @derwishturkishrestaurantkg . Along this street you can find many Middle Eastern & Mediterranean food but Derwish proves to be the more popular one among its competitors.

The menu serves a plethora of dishes - from the typical Turkish pide to meat skewers and seafood and not forgetting their best dish, the Kanafeh. Diners can choose to sit in the air-conditioned area or the al fresco area. Both choices boast a great view with the indoor seating flaunting a stylish Mesopotamian decor while the outdoor area allows diners to enjoy the view of the majestic Sultan Mosque.

Tip: A short walk from Bugis MRT, come for dinner after the sun sets and watch the Bussorah St transform into a scene of a busy night market in the streets of Turkey.


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