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3 Unexpected Destinations to Travel to This Summer! (Vaccinated Travellers Only)

As the COVID-19 situation in most parts of the world begins to stabilise and global rates of vaccinations since January continue to rise, the travel industry is seeing a glimmer of hope for a travel reboot in the summer. The EU has begun talks of opening up within itself and to fully-vaccinated travellers from third-party countries. The pent-up demand of travellers has shown great potential for a healthy recovery for the travel industry.

Taking the Road Less Travelled

While thriving pre-COVID tourist destinations like Spain and Greece may see a gradual return to their former glory, Portier has put together a list of countries that have surprisingly opened up their borders for travellers as well. Here are some travel tips to help you choose your next holiday destination!

Portier uses for information on restrictions to travel to these countries. We strongly encourage readers to heed advisory information from their respective government.


Photo by Oko Rs on Unsplash

Mongolia ramped up its vaccination efforts over the past month, where vaccination uptake has gone from only about 20% of the population on April 25 to over 56% a month later. This big jump in vaccinations has also accelerated the opening of Mongolia’s borders. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia has declared that “Persons arriving in Mongolia 14 days after receiving the full dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines upon presenting proof of vaccination or those who were diagnosed earlier with a coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and fully recovered upon presenting antibody test result or another medical document shall be exempted from quarantine.

From 1st May 2021 onwards, travellers from this visa-exempted list can now travel to Mongolia QUARANTINE-FREE. Travellers only have to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours before the departure of the last direct flight to Mongolia. The best thing about Mongolia? The vast greenlands in itself promote social distancing!

Citizens of Countries Who Can Visit North Mongolia Without Quarantine (Both Ways)

  1. United States

  2. Russia*

*No need for quarantine both ways if you’re a fully vaccinated traveller since there are scheduled flights** from Mongolia to Russia **one of the requirements for a traveller to return to Russia without having to quarantine

Here are 11 best yurts to stay in Mongolia and if you still need a reason to choose Mongolia as your destination, read this and experience Mongolia from a local’s perspective.

North Macedonia

As of 1st June, 11.37% of North Macedonia’s citizens have been vaccinated against COVID-19. North Macedonia is one of the only countries in the world that have opened up their borders entirely without any restrictions. Travellers will be happy to know that they do not need to serve a quarantine order when entering North Macedonia. They do not need to provide a negative PCR test to enter the country either.

While the rules may seem too lax for its own good, North Macedonia only sees 55.8 active COVID-19 cases out of 100,000 people. A relatively low number in comparison to its neighbouring countries.

Citizens of Countries Who Can Visit North Macedonia Without Quarantine (Both Ways)

  1. Russia

  2. Spain

  3. United States

North Macedonia, albeit a small country, has much to offer. Catch a glimpse of its rich history as you visit Skopje, the capital city, where you can find inspirations from the Roman Empire in its architecture. Here are 9 must-do activities when you visit North Macedonia for the best travel experience!


Croatia has been one of the quieter European countries with more than 30% of its population vaccinated. Travellers looking to enter Croatia have to provide proof of negative PCR or rapid antigen test within 48 hours of entering while vaccinated travellers do not need to go through quarantine. As summer nears, Croatia is open to tourism for “economic interests and will allow countries other than those on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) list to travel.

Alfresco dining is the only option available if you are visiting Croatia’s restaurants and bars. However, indoor dining is possible in hotels’ restaurants. All attractions are open except for nightclubs but a curfew at 10 pm is set, when all shops have been ordered to close.

Citizens of Countries Who Can Visit Croatia Without Quarantine (Both Ways)

  1. United States

  2. France

  3. Russia*

If you’re looking for a unique Croatian experience, read this article here for inspiration and the best travel tips!

Final Thoughts

The list of countries mentioned above is not exhaustive. There are other countries that offer a shortened quarantine period if the traveller tests negative. For example, UK travellers only need to go through 5 days of quarantine instead of the mandated 10 days if travellers’ PCR tests come back negative.

The travel reboot is something many countries are anxiously awaiting, some to participate, some to get inspired and design a safer way to travel. In any case, it feels good to finally say that we are indeed nearing the end of a deep, dark tunnel.


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