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16 Things To Know About Singapore's COVID-Resilient Strategy

A day after Singapore celebrated its' 56th independence, the nation lifted some of its restrictions and guided a return to the "new normal". For the past month, the government has been psychologically preparing residents by declaring that Singapore will have to learn to live with COVID-19. Full eradication of the virus is not possible. Here are 16 things to know about Singapore's COVID-resilient strategy:

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

  1. 0 days of quarantine for fully vaccinated residents returning to Singapore (when travel arrangements are in place)

  2. 4 Re-opening Stages starting from 10 August

  3. 10 August - beginning of 1st stage

  4. 14 countries & territories may enter Singapore and serve a home quarantine at their respective choice of residence (fully vaccinated travellers only)

  5. 19 August - more restrictions to be lifted

  6. 72% of residents undergone full vaccine regimen (as of 12 August)

  7. 80% of residents expected to have completed full vaccine regimen by early September

A Look into Singapore’s New Normal

Photo by Victor He on Unsplash

Here’s a summary of what Singaporeans can expect in the near future as the country gears up for Herd Immunity and a whole new way of living with the virus:

  1. Singapore is treating COVID-19 as an endemic, just like the common influenza

  2. No more mass lockdowns

  3. Public gatherings to be allowed

  4. Contact Tracing to be eased

  5. Efficient testing methods like a breathalyser test to be introduced for fast and accurate testing

  6. Mask-wearing will be one of the last few measures to be lifted

  7. Positive patients with mild symptoms can recover at home

  8. Travel without quarantine to be reinstated

  9. Selective testing at borders for travellers arriving from different countries


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