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Personalisation is, without a doubt, one of the hotel industry’s cornerstones. When a guest checks-in to a hotel, the expectation isn’t always that of a home-like nature but rather, an experience that amplifies the ability to respond to the hedonistic needs of a person. One of the most critical aspects that hotels need to consider, when it comes to delivering a guest experience that does indeed respond to personalised needs is data and the real insights gained from utilising such data.

Real-time Data

While much of the data that hotels arguably pay most attention to is input-driven and mostly derived from either online activity or past purchasing behaviour, real-time data is often ignored but can lead to a much more granular and precise segmentation of guests’ needs. Consequently, hotels that tap into both on and off-site behaviour generated from real-time data will find themselves delivering a more personal guest experience at scale.


Our Portier Phones tap into some of the most granular yet anonymised behavioural data across the travel industry. While we don’t take any personal guest data, we help our hotel partners amplify the data that they already have by presenting them a more detailed behavioral map of each guest, based on their preferences on the platform, such as the selected language. In this regard, we showcase as to how the behaviour of hotel guests changes at the property versus in the destination. In other words, we extend our partners’ understanding of their guests to beyond the patterns recorded at the hotel.


As a result, hotels can now do more than just anticipate the preferred pillow stuffing or the favourite food items of guests. Indeed, hotels utilising our Portier DataSheets understand as to which parts of the destination are most popular when. What’s more, they can tap into behavioural patterns that include a better understanding of the efficacy of promoting their ancillary services. Ultimately, all of the above lead to two major outcomes, namely a better guest experience and better financial returns for ancillary services.


In order to gain an initial understanding of how some of our data looks, download our Data-As-A-Service PDF document below. This will give you a basic overview of insights that our hotel partners benefit from, and you can anticipate as to how your hotel would take advantage of such granular knowledge. 

Discover a Way to Make Data Work for You

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